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Volunteer for Medical Reserve Corps

Do you want to volunteer and be of service to your community during times of need or disaster? Consider applying to volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps. The Clark County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a part of the Clark County Health Department. MRC volunteers are properly trained to help out during emergencies, disasters, and public health practice initiatives.

KY's Tobacco Quit Line --Need Help to Stop Smoking? Use this FREE Effective Resource

The quit line is a free, statewide, telephone-based tobacco cessation resource. The quit line provides information to tobacco users and non-tobacco users on tobacco dependence and its treatment, thedangers of secondhand smoke, and other tobacco-related information. Information may include advice for family and friends on helping a tobacco user quit, and support for a quit attempt.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV Vaccine

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended routine vaccination for girls 11-12 years of age. The ACIP recommendation also allows for vaccination of girls beginning at nine years old as well as vaccination of girls and women 13-26 years old.

Babies were born to be breastfed!

Infants fed human milk receive multiple health benefits. Breastfeeding also supports multiple nutritional, environmental and economic benefits compared to formula fed infants. Human milk helps infants grow and mature properly, especially in the first year of life when the brain doubles in size. Human milk has over 200 constituents, most not duplicated in formula, and provides immunological protection against a variety of illnesses.


The Clark County Prescription Assistance Program helps those without prescription coverage or within the Medicare donut hole take advantage of assistance programs offered by the drug manufacturers. These programs offer prescriptions medications for free or at reduced cost for qualifying individuals. Eligibility is based on income guidelines set by the drug manufacturers. We process your information to find the best available program. Once we have printed your forms they will need to be taken to your doctor to sign and then mailed.