Tobacco Prevention And Cessation

Freedom From Smoking Program

Freedom from Smoking is a tobacco cessation program created by The American Lung Association and is taught by Clark County Health Department. Through this program you will learn the three link chain of addiction, explore your personal tobacco use triggers, learn how to manage cravings and develop an action plan to lead to a successful quit day. Participants will receive free nicotine replacement while in the program. Classes are 1 hour once per week for 7 weeks.


LifeSkills is a tobacco use prevention program for 3rd and 4th grade students. Students learn about the dangers of tobacco use, refusal and decision making skills, and how to cope with stress. This is an 8-session program.


In-Depth is an educational and intervention program for 7th- 12th grade students who have violated school policy or federal law by using or purchasing tobacco products. The program focuses on vaping to address the current youth tobacco trend in e-cigarette use. The lessons engage students in making their own health decisions, setting goals, overcoming nicotine addiction, and educates students on the benefits of a tobacco free lifestyle.

Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath is a tobacco use prevention program for 5th and 6th grade students which focuses on vaping and addresses the trend in youth e-cigarette use. Students learn physical and mental health consequences of vaping and nicotine use, how tobacco companies market to youth, and how to resist tobacco products and choose a tobacco free lifestyle.

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