It’s Swimsuit Season! What to do…

Tips for Fine Tuning Your Diet and Exercise Routine During the Summer Months


Planning menus-Plan ahead for the week and write meals down on your calendar to avoid the unwanted fast food calories that can happen on a busy day.

— Practice doing meal preparation for the work week on Sunday night.Convenience is right in your fridge or freezer.

— Grocery shopping-Use your planned ahead menus as your grocery shopping list.

— Food preparation for snacks-Slice up fruit and vegetables that are easy to grab out of the fridge, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, cookies, or candy.

— Eating behaviors- Focus on what you can change easily. Do you eat out of boredom, or eat just because you are watching your favorite television program?

— Holidays and parties-Go for the lighter side in menu planning. Do you really need to sample every dessert or every item?

— Restaurants-Choose more fruits and vegetables and leaner meats. Preferably grilled, baked, broiled, not fried. Skip the rolls, especially at the beginning of meal.

— Physical activity – Defined as moving your body in any way, shape, or form.Moving your body through space.


— Think of it as putting money in the bank.

— Calories will be burned that you can "spend” on other indulgent foods later.

— Is it good to think that you can never have pizza or chocolate cake again?

— Self monitoring-Keep food and exercise diaries. Try to remember…Did I Eat That? D. I. E. T. Remember moderation is the key! Try a new food and exercise tracking application for your smartphone.

— Reward yourself for new behaviors-Steer clear of food rewards!



By: Amy Williams, MS, RD, LD

Medical Nutrition Therapist